Farm Nature Pet Food aims to develop a traditional, fresh and high quality food for the most demanding pets. We select the best ingredients in order to create the most nutritious recipes that promote overall health and maintain a healthy digestive system for your dogs and cats. Our first ingredient in meat, low in ashes, as the main source of high digestibility proteins.


Farm Nature use only high quality proteins to help nourish the immune system. In addition, important vitamins and minerals support the immune system and aid in the natural regeneration of cells on a daily base.


Farm Nature is made from high quality ingredients made in Spain. The inclusion of fresh meat ensures highly nutritional and palatable foods. Natural flavourings and taste should please even the fussiest pets.


Our food contains an optimal balance of Omega 6 and Omega 3 to promote healthy skin and shiny coat as well as helping with itchy skin conditions. 


Prebiotics (FOS), like Chicory (natural source of Inulin), gives soluble fibre to maintain good health digestive tract.


Natural antioxidants from plant extracts, like Rosemary: A natural preservative that guarantees an appetizing and fresh flavour. The valuable antioxidant properties of its active substance (carnosol, carnosic acid and rosmarinic acid) retain the food longer. 

Proteins are an essential source of amino acids, good for the growth and muscular development of our pets. Farm Nature guarantees a great variety of proteins  from animals origin. This kind of protein has higher biological value than proteins from plant origin because have a greater presence and proportion of essential amino acids.   

Excellent source of quality protein which builds muscle and helps support a healthy weight.

Great source of protein, rich in Vitamin B12, Selenium, Zinc, Iron and other B vitamins.

Very nutritious meat, darker in colour than chicken meat with an exceptional flavour.

Rich in Vitamin B and very low in fat and calories. Ideal meat for overweight pets.

Highly palatable with good quality proteins. This meat is low in saturated fats and easy to digest.

High quality protein source as well as Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

It provides high quality proteins along with Vitamin B and minerals such as Iron, Zinc and Phosphorus.

This meat is rich in Vitamins B3 and B12. Good for a low fat diet with an exquisite flavour and easy digestion.